Room type & Charges (JPY) with tax
The Japanese government has announced its decision to change the tax rate.
There is a need to mention that the tax rate is changed to 5% to 8% on 1st April 2014.
Please note that changes may vary depending on the dates of your stay.
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= Internet Access =
Home / Information / Room & Charge / Map & Access / Event / Coffee Break / Booking & Inquiry
= Smoking Spot =
= Rental & Sales Goods =
Rental Bath towel \150 /Cotton nightclothes \150
Sales Toothbrush \50 /Shaving \100/Laundry detergent \50
All rooms are non smoking,
smoking in rooms is strictly
prohibited. However
we have prepared two
smoking places for smokers.
One of the wood deck and
bench at the patio....
= Breakfast =
We have no equipment for
the internet connection
in our guest rooms, but
you can make use of
"Wireless LAN" connection.
If the radio waves as weak
please use in the lounge.
= Children's charge per night =
Children ages 6 to 12  500 JPY. discount, from regular adult charge.
Children ages 3to 5  50% off from regular adult charge.
We keep them clean room and waiting for your happy stay ! 
Simple & Clean Rooms
Single w/o Bath
only 1 room
Twin w/o Bath
2 people
Double bed w/o Bath
2 people
Double bed with Bath
only 1 room
Twin-loft w/o Bath
3 people
Japanese w/o Bath
2 to 4 people
Japanese + loft w/o Bath
6 to 8 people

.2 Single beds + 1 loft
Japanese mat Futon

Triple-loft w/o Bath
4 people

3 Single beds + 1 loft
Japanese mat Futon

In your room / Out-of-town call, Bath towel for guests, 2 gowns for outside a room,
Central heating (Winter), Electric fan (Summer), Smoking spot set up outdoor.
We have 2 Japanese style rooms & 14 western style rooms. All rooms are
non-smokking. and shared bathroom except one double-bed room with bathroom.
Room with a loft is sleeping on a "Futon", climb the ladder to the loft.
Welcome to B&B Pension Hakodatemura

Let's    Coupon !

= Let's Game =
Please feel free as at home !
Let's play a game before
going for walk on. Please relax
feel home !
another....the balcony on
the left side of wash room
at the second floor.

Please be quiet for other
guests....thanks a lot.

A password is required to
connect that have described
the guidance in your room
or side-board of free PC
at the lounge. Please ask
the front desk feel free.

Breakfast is not included in the price, because many guests who enjoy
to have seafood breakfast at the morning market "Hakodate Asaichi"
If you would like to have a breakfast, please order separately on the eve..

ホーム / 施設案内 / お部屋・料金 / アクセス / プラン / 催 事 / 珈琲ブレイク / ご予約・お問合せ
Healthy and Homemade Breakfast
Western style only / 840 JPY per person / 7:30 to 9:00 at lounge.
Lounge is free and public space for your relaxing time.
Home made bread and jam and yoghurt, cold milk or orange juice , a green salad
a plate of hot scramble eggs, bacon or ham, vegetables and driped hot coffee.
Have a good time at Hakodatemura !
Free wireless internet , 4 kinds of Tea and Hotwater, Refrigerator,
Microwave oven, Trumps and Othello games, Guidebooks, Soft drinks vending machine.
Windows 専用 ▼ Windows Only
= Cancellation charge =
We have a cancellation policy due to the reservation that is
considered to have agreed to the terms of the following.

 A week in advance 30 % of room charge
3 day in advance 50 % of room charge
the appointed day 100 % of room charge
No Show 100%% of room charge

If you have changed your plan, please let us know as soon as possible.

= Room Charges per night with tax =

Breakfast menu is only
Western...homemade bread,
jam and yogurt, salad,
hot plate of sausages and
scrambled eggs, orange juice
and dripped coffee.
Breakfast will start at the
lounge between 9:00 to 7:30 .

Please tell us in advance
your favorite starting time.
Breakfast is cooked mainly
by foods of Hokkaido.
Room Charge with 8 % tax
Room type
\ 840
\ 25,920〜36,260
\ 20,720
\ 15,540
\ 6.300
\ 10,800
Japanese-loft for 5 to7 people shared bathroom
Triple-loft room for 4 people shared bathroom
Single room for 1 people shared bathroom
Twin-loft room for 3 people shared bathroom
Twin room for 2 people shared bathroom
\ 12,000〜20,720
Japanese style for 2 to 4 people shared bathroom
Breakfast ( Only Western ) per each
\ 12,080
Double-bed for 2 people with bathroom (1 room only)
\ 10,200
Double-bed for 2 people shared bathroom